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Demolition in Lockington

Demolition service in Lockington

Local Lockington Demolition

Demolition is a very common practice in VIC as the building boom replaces old buildings and reforms the urban environment with new commercial developments and designer homes. Many demolition jobs are also rebuilding projects for renovations, extensions and redevelopment purposes.

Lockington Demolition

We use only top-quality equipment and up-to-date modern onsite safety methodologies to ensure best practice risk management and proper conduct of demolition operations. If you need a do-everything company for your project, talk to us. Nine Mile Demolition and Excavations is unique in offering a full spectrum of demolition contractor services. Our demolition services are also integrated with our excavation contractor services, asbestos removal and specialist work like rock excavation and rock sawing.

Asbestos removal in Lockington

Local Lockington Asbestos removalist

Looking for expert asbestos removal in VIC? You're in the right place. Nine Mile Demolition and Excavations is VIC's most trusted choice for asbestos removal and remediation services. With more than 7-years of experience and a long-list of satisfied clients in the residential, industrial, civil engineering and commercial industry, we know what it takes to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Emergency asbestos removal in Lockington

Lockington Asbestos removal

We approach each asbestos remediation and removal job in VIC with the highest level of diligence and care to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the health and safety of your property's occupants. Our end-to-end service means that we take care of the entire asbestos removal process from the initial assessment right the way through to the final clean-up.

Emergency Lockington Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal in Lockington

We are committed to providing the best asbestos remediation services in Australia at an affordable price. Every VIC asbestos removal project is carried out in accordance with the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice 2011 – 'How to Safely Remove Asbestos', and all relevant state and territory legislation is closely followed to ensure that no one is at risk of asbestos exposure.

Excavation service in Lockington

Local Lockington Excavation

When it comes to excavation contractors, you want a one-stop-shop with experts you can trust. For companies looking for an excavation contractor that can handle large scale, difficult to access excavation project in VIC , there is no one better than Nine Mile Demolition and Excavations. No matter if your next project requires detailed excavation, bulk excavation or trenching excavation, Nine Mile Demolition and Excavations can deliver a fully comprehensive and detailed excavation service, with reliable and professional operators available to provide expert workmanship.

Emergency Excavation in Lockington

Lockington Excavation

Our services are available for all residential, major commercial and civil construction projects throughout VIC . No matter how large or small your driveway excavation, detailed excavation, trenching or bulk excavation project is, Nine Mile Demolition and Excavations possess all the modern and well-maintained excavators and excavation attachments you need to bring efficient and reliable excavation service to your project. Our fleet of wet hire excavators and skilled operators are ready to provide your project with comprehensive and detailed excavation.

Local Lockington Demolition

Best Asbestos removalist in Lockington

We love our customers, so feel free to contact during normal business hours to organise a time to look at the job and meet in person. We have a 16 tonne Excavator with 5 attachments and access to a wide rage of machinery to tackle any project comes our way. Licensed and Insured to remove any amount of Non - Friable ( Class B) asbestos. With EPA approved trucks. Fully Insured and licensed to demolish Low Rise Structures (buildings up to 2 story).
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